Intranets UI Design

Transurban Intranet

UI design for a SharePoint intranet

Transurban Limited, a multi-national transport infrastructure operator, wanted to upgrade their intranet to the latest modern SharePoint technology, using the Intranet Accelerator package to provide useful features and added customisations.

Visual Design

  • Design of page templates and custom web parts for a large SharePoint intranet.
Transurban Home Desktop
Home page – desktop
Transurban Home Mobile
Home page – mobile
Transurban News Hub Desktop
News Hub
Transurban News Hub Tablet
News Hub – tablet
Transurban News Hub Mobile
News Hub – mobile
Transurban Content Desktop
Content page template
Transurban Content Mobile
Content page template – mobile
Transurban Instant Search Desktop
Instant Search – desktop
Transurban Instant Search Tablet
Instant Search – tablet
Transurban Instant Search Mobile
Instant Search – mobile