Intranets UI Design

ATO Intranet

UI design for a SharePoint intranet

The Australian Taxation Office wanted to upgrade their intranet to modern SharePoint technology, using the Intranet Accelerator package to provide useful features and added customisations. They required AA accessibility and stringent adherence to their digital styleguide.

Visual Design

  • Designed a large and comprehensive intranet for the Australian Tax Office.
  • A variety of page templates and custom web parts for a customised SharePoint intranet.
  • Integration of modified styling including ATO webfonts.
Home page
ATO Home - Desktop
Home page – desktop

ATO Home - Tablet
Home page – tablet
ATO Home - Mobile
Home page – mobile

An attractive and easy to use home page was vital for the ATO’s new intranet, and with widely differing users from enthusiastic to disinterested, my design delivered a good balance between maximum choice of content and simplicity of use.

Ideas hub
ATO Home with ideas feature - Desktop
Ideas hub on home page – desktop
Ideas Hub - Desktop
Ideas hub – desktop
ATO Ideas Item - Desktop
Ideas item – desktop

A new feature devised to slot into Intranet Accelerator, I created a UI and workflow based upon the highly flexible SharePoint search engine, providing a custom component that was commendably received by the customer, and able to be repurposed for other uses within SharePoint.

People search
ATO People Search - Desktop
People search – desktop
ATO People Search - Tablet
People search – tablet
ATO People Search - Mobile
People search – mobile

The People Search UI was central to the ATO’s requirements, providing an easy to use, accessible interface to contact colleagues across the organsiation.

News hub
ATO News Hub - Desktop
News hub – desktop

ATO News Hub - Tablet
News hub – tablet
ATO News Hub - Mobile
News hub – mobile
Content page
ATO Content Page - Desktop
Content page – desktop

ATO Content Page - Tablet
Content page – tablet
ATO Content Page - Mobile
Content page – mobile