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Toll Group

Training & adoption campaigns, learning hub

Toll is a global logistics and transport organisation. They were significantly updating technology and work practices across the organisation. To clearly communicate the benefits, I designed two campaigns focussing on each of the primary pain points identified among office staff and transport workers:

  1. Security and connectivity across the digital environment, regardless of device.
  2. Easier communication and collaboration with everyone in the organisation, whether in the office or on the road.

They also required an easy-to-use library application for their SharePoint intranet, in which to store the wide range of training collateral we created for them, including quick start guides [PowerPoint], instructional videos [Microsoft Stream] and written documentation [Word].

Ways to work campaign

Security and connectivity
Toll PowerPoint Template - devices
PowerPoint Title Slide
Toll A3 Poster - Devices
A3 Poster – devices

Toll Campaign Illustration - devices
Campaign illustration – connected devices
Toll PowerApp - Welcome Screen
PowerApp – welcome screen
Toll PowerApp - Contents Screen
PowerApp – contents screen

Ways to work campaign

People and collaboration

Toll PowerPoint Template - people
PowerPoint Title Slide
Toll A3 Poster - People
A3 Poster
Toll Campaign Illustration - people
Campaign Illustration – people
Toll Email Template - people
Email Template

Learning Hub

Toll Learning Hub - Home
Learning Hub – home
Toll Learning Hub - Page
Learning Hub – page
Toll Learning Hub - Accordion Page
Learning Hub – accordion page
  • UI design of a responsive “training hub” page in SharePoint that displayed specially featured content, topics according to relevance, guides sorted by popularity and an intuitive search results interface that allowed easy preview of content so users can determine quickly if it answers their need.
Toll Campaign Illustration - Project Fastrack
Illustrated brand for Microsoft 365 rollout project
Toll Screensaver
SOE desktop background image

In addition I created custom illustrations and logos for various sub-projects across the organisation.

Project Branding

Toll Campaign Illustration - Project Fastrack
Project Brand
Toll Project Logo - CIP
Project Brand
Toll Screensaver
Company Screensaver