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Toll Group

Toll is a large global logistics and transport organisation

Devices Campaign

Toll PowerPoint Template - devices
PowerPoint Title Slide
Toll Campaign Illustration - devices
Campaign illustration – devices
Toll A3 Poster - Devices
A3 Poster – devices

Toll PowerApp - Welcome Screen
PowerApp – welcome screen
Toll PowerApp - Contents Screen
PowerApp – contents screen
Toll PowerApp - Info Screen
PowerApp – info screen

Learning Hub

Toll Learning Hub - Home
Learning Hub – home
Toll Learning Hub - Page
Learning Hub – page
Toll Learning Hub - Accordion Page
Learning Hub – accordion page

People Campaign

Toll Campaign Illustration - people
Campaign Illustration – people
Toll PowerPoint Template - people
PowerPoint Title Slide

Toll A3 Poster - People
A3 Poster
Toll Email Template - people
Email Template

Project Branding

Toll Campaign Illustration - Project Fastrack
Project Brand
Toll Project Logo - CIP
Project Brand
Toll Screensaver
Company Screensaver

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