Campaigns Change and Adoption Print

St Vincentʼs Hospital

Change & adoption campaign

St Vincent’s Hospital, a leading Victorian health services provider, were transitioning to a new digital workplace with provision of Microsoft 365 products and services. Engage Squared provided change & adoption services to staff comprising workshops, training collateral, and a campaign to communicate the advantages offered by the “modern workplace”.

Modern Workplace campaign

  • I created this bright and positive poster for the Modern Workplace campaign, based upon my illustration of a tree.
  • Branches and roots represent the intersecting features of Microsoft 365 tools and services.
  • The colours used the client’s primary and secondary palette to strong effect.
  • This illustration was used in various contexts, from printed posters to digital assets.

Knowledge hub

  • I designed the UI for a responsive “knowledge hub” page in SharePoint that displayed specially featured content, topics according to relevance, and guides sorted by popularity.