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John Holland ICT

Training asset library, change & adoption collateral

John Holland is a major infrastructure engineering company. Their ICT division was instigating significant change in technology and work practices across the organisation. They required an easy-to-use library application for their SharePoint intranet, in which to store the wide range of training collateral we created for them, including quick start guides [PowerPoint], instructional videos [Microsoft Stream] and written documentation [Word].

Training asset library

  • UI design of a responsive “training hub” page in SharePoint that displayed specially featured content, topics according to relevance, guides sorted by popularity and an intuitive search results interface that allowed easy preview of content so users can determine quickly if it answers their need.

Microsoft 365 products montage

Office 365 product icons montage

To illustrate the rapid rate of change as new technology makes its appearance in the organisation, I created this montage of Microsoft 365 product logos rushing through space.

Change & adoption collateral

Tutorial title slide
Title slide
Tutorial intro slide
Intro slide
Tutorial content slide
Content slide
  • A selection of slides from a typical quick start guide.
  • They show confident use of the customer’s brand & styling guidelines, creative visuals, and clear & concise instructional content.