Branding Campaigns Change and Adoption Development

Engage Squared

Sales decks, PowerPoint & InDesign templates

Engage Squared, a leading Australia/New Zealand IT solutions provider and Microsoft Gold Partner, required a versatile digital designer with UX capabilities and — as shown below — creative ideas for sales and marketing collateral. The collateral had to clearly illustrate the strength of the Engage Squared brand, communicate a meaningful message and lead to successful sales outcomes.

Intranet Accelerator Lookbook

Intranet Accelerator is sold as a package of add-ons for SharePoint. The lookbook is a glossy printed brochure designed to inspire customers with the immense possibilities of the product.

  • Designed a unique brand for Intranet Accelerator that dove-tailed with the Engage Squared brand.
  • Created a set of icons to represent its main features, complimentary to Microsoft Office icons.
  • Manipulated these icons and associated screenshots into an isometric format.
  • Generated a quality downloadable digital asset in PDF format.
Lookbook front cover

Download the Lookbook PDF [6.5mb] for a better preview:

Intranet Accelerator Lookbook - icon set
Icon set
  • I created the five icons in the top row for Intranet Accelerator features.
  • They correspond with the Microsoft product icon family below.
Intranet Accelerator Lookbook - isometric icon set
Isometric icon set
  • I manipulated the vector icon library into 30° isometric perspective as a visual metaphor of technical sophistication with a vast array of features suspended in orderly space.

Marketing assets

Promotional flyer - rockets
Promotional flyer – rockets
Promotional flyer - speedometer
Promotional flyer – speedometer
  • Two creative designs for promotional flyers showing my illustration skills, to be made into easy-to-use Microsoft PowerPoint templates for the marketing team to maintain.
Promotional flyer – rockets
Teams Analytics flyer
Teams Analytics flyer
Board Connect flyer
Board Connect flyer
  • Three examples of printed single page brochures, used by the marketing team at conferences and regular meetup sessions.
E2 Forrester infographic
Infographic rebranded
  • A large infographic, with content provided by an external vendor and rebranded with the Engage Squared theme and icon library.

WordPress website

  • Updates and new features for the company’s public website.
  • Customising WordPress theme; HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.
E2 Homepage
Home page
Events page

Imagery for blog posts

  • Photo montage and illustration for corporate blog posts.
Promotional image
E2 blog feature teams vs zoom
Blog post feature image
E2 blog feature teams vs zoom
Blog post feature image

3rd party websites

Eventbrite page
LinkedIn banner
YouTube thumbnail
  • Design and development of digital assets for third party web services including EventBrite, LinkedIn, YouTube.
  • Extrapolating the Engage Squared style guide to accommodate branding in alternate formats and environments.

Sales decks & collateral

Deck - Records Management vs Document Management
Deck - Records Management vs Document Management
Title slide
Deck - Records Management vs Document Management
The Human Centred Design process
HCD diagram
Process diagram
Adoption diagram
  • Examples of quality creative slides that I designed for inclusion in sales decks, leading to a strong pipeline of ongoing work.