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Victorian Online Titles System

Angular web app

Land Use Victoria and its sibling Victorian Land Registry Services needed to migrate an outdated windows desktop application into a modern browser based environment, while improving UX and implementing an upgraded UI.

UI Design

Understanding its complex and esoteric functionality and myriad screens required full focus and clear communication. My wide knowledge of UI and UX design principles enabled me to provide clear guidance as I created sophisticated artifacts to document exactly how they should display.

  • Interviewed users and determined their needs and requirements.
  • Studied and assimilated the existing system, looking for ways to streamline workflows and make the user interface more intuitive.
  • Created wireframes and clickable prototypes which I showcased to users and stakeholders, eliciting a very positive response.
  • Designed new features and components, extending the visual language and iconography for an Angular web application using the PrimeNG UI framework.
  • Developed a comprehensive styleguide and templates for development and testing teams’ reference.


VOTS Welcome
VOTS Welcome
  • As a result of my UX research, I identified that users may benefit from a landing page after login.
  • The VOTS Welcome screen united disparate elements of the source application, and provides a useful starting point for users, with current notifications and easy access to favourite tasks.


VOTS Login
VOTS Login
  • The VOTS Login screen is a highly simplified entry point for the application, displaying handy features such as version number and technical support.


VOTS Dealing Details Maintenance
VOTS Dealing Details with tabs
  • The VOTS application is highly complex with an array of more than 150 different UIs, and numerous global components and features, as well as myriad specialised form elements and data displays.
  • Designing a suitable universal UI template, styleguide and pattern library took many iterations through several agile sprints, in conjunction with user reviews and proof-of-concept prototypes.
  • I created several alternative UI layouts for discussion and testing, such as tabs (above) and accordions (below) to accommodate the complex variety of form groups and patterns required by the application.
VOTS Dealing Details Maintenance
VOTS Dealing Details with accordion