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RACV Audit App

Microsoft PowerApp

RACV Ltd wanted to upgrade a complex manual workflow for auditing their consultants’ compliance with insurance queries, to a PowerApp with excellent UX and a simple UI.

UI Design

  • Applied UX design skills to the already semi-complete screen layout and workflow for a specialised compliance auditing application developed in Microsoft PowerApps.
  • I arranged, aligned and styled all elements, and designed a consistent series of UI assets providing a trustworthy and predictable user experience through the succeeding screens of the application.
  • Created a design system including an icon library, reusable assets and components for future upgrades and additional features.
RACV Compliance Audit PowerApp - home
Home screen
RACV Compliance Audit PowerApp - new audit
New audit
RACV Compliance Audit PowerApp - results
Completed audit
RACV Compliance Audit PowerApp - user profile
Consultant’s user profile