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Board Connect

Microsoft Teams app

Board Connect is a Microsoft Teams app providing streamlined administration of board meetings and executive committees. It must adhere to Microsoft’s stringent UI and style guidelines in order to be approved for the Microsoft Teams app store.

UI Design

My UI and UX designs provided a highly effective way to brainstorm, preview and test a creative new app before any development sprints began, saving significant time and expensive technical resources.

  • Created effective UX wireframes using Balsamiq, in consultation with stakeholders, architects and development team.
  • Designed high fidelity UI designs in Adobe XD, following Microsoft Teams style guidelines.
  • Published a clickable prototype in InVision for UX testing and research.
Board Connect - home
Board Connect app – home desktop
  • I created a card design system within a proven Microsoft Teams layout, with two columns on large viewports for better text legibility.
Board Connect - home tablet
Board Connect app – home tablet
  • The tablet view of the application is nicely responsive, collapsing down into a single column of cards.
Board Connect - home mobile
Board Connect app – home mobile
  • Mobile view provides the most effective condensing of screen content while allowing maximum access to important navigation links in a tab layout.
Board Connect - topic
Board Connect app – topics
Board Connect - associate a resource
Board Connect app – resources
Board Connect - add a resource
Board Connect app – resources