Personal Profile

With extensive experience and skills as a Digital Designer/Developer, I have the ability to deliver quality digital content across all media.

A designer with strong front end coding skills, I can create engaging content and compelling experiences to satisfy users. Able to create workflows, prototypes, advanced style patterns and branding, integrate into web frameworks, and develop custom components, I can improve accessibility, UX and deliver an optimised solution.

With great communication skills, I foster healthy stakeholder relationships inside and outside the organisation. My Agile project skills help deliver completed projects and disciplined BAU work.

The combination of my technical skills, design talent and communication ability means I can make a positive contribution to the organisation.

Key Skills

  • Produce visually rich digital content including responsive web apps, intranets, custom components, video, and infographics.
  • Ensure content is perfectly branded and engaging, whether adapting an existing brand or creating new styles and elements.
  • Implementing responsive or adaptive design for digital media including websites and applications for desktop, tablet and mobile.
  • Best practice UX design, including improved workflows and user testing.
  • High level communication and interpersonal skills. Ability to communicate with technical, business or customer audiences.
  • Leadership and collaboration within teams.
  • Branding workshops, wireframes, prototypes and comprehensive documentation.

Technical Expertise

  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Xd Experience Design, Acrobat, Premiere, InDesign, Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Axure, Visual Studio.
  • Competent and experienced in the development of Office 365, SharePoint, WordPress, Bootstrap, Office Fabric UI, jQuery.
  • Knowledge of React JS, Angular, Knockout JS.
  • HTML and SASS/CSS authoring to solve technical and business challenges.
  • UX and W3C accessibility, UI design
  • and web development standards.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication, RMIT.
  • Assoc. Diploma in Computer Aided Art & Design, RMIT.

My Portfolio

Some of the things I’ve been working on lately…

Woods Bagot Architects intranet

Woods Bagot Architects intranet
  • Created Persona documents to feed into requirements gathering and user stories.
  • Coded HTML, SASS and jQuery on a Bootstrap framework to implement a component-based front end to an Office 365 intranet, including bespoke libraries & applications.
  • Designed iterative wireframes and high fidelity mockups for responsive views of all page templates, gaining approval from the board and stakeholders of a globally respected design company.

Jemena Utilities intranet

Jemena Utilities intranet
  • Developed a series of Persona documents to define user stories and requirements.
  • Designed a new visual language and responsive layout for an Office 365 Intranet that delighted the client and helped turn a difficult customer relationship into a positive outcome.

Fuse curriculum resource library

Fuse curriculum resource library
  • Coded HTML, SASS and jQuery on a custom responsive framework with Knockout JS components, hooking into a SharePoint back-end, for an enormous educational resource library.
  • Designed new enhancements and features extending the established styling and iconography.
  • Coded additional features for a standalone single page app in Angular JS on a Bootstrap framework.
  • Refined simple workflows into comprehensive UX solutions, ready for coding.

Asahi intranet

Asahi intranet
  • Designed a totally new UI and responsive page templates for an Office 365 Intranet.
  • Developed iconography and styling to complement the corporate brand but with a fresh new look.
  • Coded WebParts and components in HTML, CSS (Flexbox) and JavaScript.

UniSpace Workplace Designers intranet

UniSpace Workplace Designers intranet
  • Designed a stylish, cool UI for an innovative interior design firm’s Office 365 intranet.
  • Coded HTML, CSS and jQuery for the WebParts and components during build phase.

Dept. Child Protection and Family Services intranet

Child Protection & Family Services intranet
  • Coded HTML, SASS and jQuery with Office Fabric UI for a React front end, for SharePoint 2016.
  • AA accessibility, fully responsive, with custom WebParts and components built with React.

Centre of Wealth responsive site
  • Discussed client needs and requirements.
  • Installed WordPress on a new web server and migrated all existing content across.
  • Designed a new responsive theme that displayed mobile, tablet and desktop views, with an exciting new look and feel to match the aspirations of the organisation.
  • Coded the HTML, CSS and PHP for the theme, with browser testing and accessibility checks.
  • Gave training to staff members on using WordPress.

Redbox Catering responsive site, desktop view

Redbox Catering responsive site
  • Designed a new responsive WordPress theme for the site allowing mobile, tablet & desktop views.
  • Placed the most important content on the home page or within one click.
  • Created a custom order form allowing customers to enter all the relevant information for a catering job, saving staff significant time when planning jobs over the phone.

Brand Temple responsive site

Brand Temple responsive site
  • Responsive website HTML5 & Bootstrap.

Computershare Share Plan web app for mobile

Computershare Share Plan mobile web app
  • Designed the UI and screen flows for a mobile-friendly web application resulting in a very clear guide to the simplest and most efficient workflow for a mobile application. The stakeholders were very pleased with the result.

Computershare Investor Vote desktop app

Computershare Investor Vote desktop app
  • Front end coding in ASP.NET, C#, jQuery, CSS3 & HTML5 to add features to existing applications.

Computershare Investor Centre desktop app

Computershare desktop app registration
  • UI design
  • UI development (HTML, CSS, ASP.NET C# MVC)

Complete work history:  LinkedIn.